Samsung’s mid-range Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G package definitely packs a high-end battery

The FE (aka Fan Edition) is supposed to be pleasing to hardcore fans without charging them a small fortune, even though we don’t yet know exactly how much SamsungThe next mid-range tablet is supposed to cost, it certainly looks like this thing can tick a lot of the boxes asked for.

It’s based on a variety of sources prematurely revealed in recent months, please note, and an almost new taste, almost always revealed by trusted people earlier today GalaxyClub in the Netherlands (translated here).

Absolutely insane battery information … for an affordable mid-range ranger

While Galaxy Tab S7 Of course, the FE is unlikely to break any general industry records, its newly rumored 10,090 mAh (advertised) battery capacity would be enough to match a higher level and presumably much more expensive Galaxy Tab S7 + from last year.

If you think about it, it’s exactly the same screen size as the Tab S7 Plus and exactly the same pixels counted as “ordinary” 11 inches Tab S7, which sounds incredibly promising for what is ultimately a direct sequel to the 10.4-inch Tab S6 Lite the screen has a resolution of 2000 x 1200 pixels and a rather modest 7040 mAh battery capacity.
In terms of competition, Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2020) just comes to pack a 9720 mAh cell while this year’s M1-powered giant should run into it very close to the Tab S7 + and Tab S7 FE numbers. Of course, the real battery life equations for high-end iPads and mid-range Android tablets are often much more complex, but one thing is crystal clear – the Galaxy Tab S7 FE looks great … on paper.

First-class design, optional 5G, upcoming release

Unlike Galaxy S20 FE a mobile phone that replaced the glass of its super-premium cousins ​​back with plastic and also introduced a flat screen TV instead of a double curve, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE looks virtually identical to the Galaxy Tab S7 + leaked high quality rendering so far away.

This almost certainly means that we are dealing with a thin and very light razor tablet made of a combination of high-end metal and glass, a built-in S-pen and two rear-facing camera systems also in towing.

Once again, Samsung needs to cut some corners to keep the price point relatively … manageable for the masses, so you shouldn’t be too disappointed to hear that the Tab S7 FE uses a mediocre Snapdragon 750 processor combined with 4 gigs of memory, while supposedly content with TFT LCD display technology, 8 and 5MP rear relays and only two (instead of four) stereo speakers.

On the bright side, speed controllers have a 5G-compatible variant that can be expected at some point this summer. Both the Tab S7 FE and the Tab S7 FE 5G are expected to be announced sometime next month, no doubt targeting U.S. stores soon thereafter at significantly lower prices than the $ 650 and $ 850 typically charged for the Tab S7 and Tab S7 5G.

Nonetheless, you really shouldn’t expect this upper-middle-class bad boy to start at just $ 350, like the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.

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