Samsung’s most prestigious Galaxy Watch 3 flavor is now cheaper than ever before


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Samsung’s most prestigious Galaxy Watch 3 flavor is now cheaper than ever before

What could be better than no doubt the largest Apple Watch Series 6 option in the world, which is apparently also at the top of the list of interviews the best smart watches that money can buy in 2021? What about the luxury version of that high-end portable device with a very durable (not to mention incredibly good looking) titanium body?

Of course, the main problem appropriately named Galaxy Watch 3 Titanium was released in the United States a couple of months after its standard stainless steel siblings had a starting price of $ 599.99.
It only made the huge two Benjamins of a 45mm GPS watch more expensive than the entry level Galaxy Watch The 3-version is 41mm in size, but believe it or not, the latest Amazon deal covers just that difference.

The ultra-large, durable and surprisingly lightweight Mystic Black costs $ 200 for the aforementioned MSRP, which is essentially equivalent to the smaller-than-usual, slightly more fragile and somehow heavier version available in Mystic Silver and Mystic Bronze.

Then again, the cheapest Galaxy Watch 3 models are themselves marked with a cool $ 150 at the time of this Amazon writing, and in fact the same is true for all other versions Samsungthe latest and without a doubt the largest Tizen-powered smartwatch.

Otherwise, it’s still a lot cheaper to buy this Android and iOS compatible bad boy with a stainless steel case and leather strap, whether you want a separate cellular connection on your wrist or not and want a 41 or 45mm size.

Despite this recent history seems to suggest it the “regular” version of the Galaxy Watch 3 can get an even deeper price cut through Amazon The main day 2021 festival in just a few weeks, while the Titanium flavor, which sports in addition to the metal band in addition to this high-end and durable body, is now on sale at the lowest price ever.

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