Sanoma will launch the long-awaited group video call feature in May


Telegram will finally add the group video call feature to its portfolio next month. Yesterday, the company’s CEO Pavel Durov released a short video introducing the upcoming feature in action.

“Speaking of video calls, we will be adding video questions to our voice chats in May, when Telegram will be an effective platform for group video calls,” wrote Durov.

Telegram is a bit late for group video calls, as competitors like Zoom, WhatsApp, Messenger Rooms, Hangouts are already taking advantage of the global pandemic and lockout situation.

The company announced group video plans throughout the year and despite the delay, the feature can increase Telegram’s popularity and help compete with the platforms mentioned above.

Telegram group video calls support screen sharing, encryption, noise reduction, as well as desktops and tablets, as well as smartphones. We have to wait and see if there is a telegram the best video conferencing applications there its a new feature.


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