Saw Gerrera featured in the Star Wars: The Bad Batch poster


Star Wars-Bad-Batch-Saw-Gerrera-600x336

Saw Gerrera returned to the galaxy far, far away in the premiere of Lucasfilm’s new Disney + animated series. Star Wars: A bad lot last week, and now we have a new character poster showcasing the Rebel Extremists

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The-Bad-Batch-Saw-Gerrera poster

“Star Wars: The Bad Lot” follows Bad Elite’s elite and experimental clones (first introduced in “Clone Wars”) as they find their way in a rapidly changing galaxy immediately after the Clone War. The Bad Batch members – a unique set of clones that are genetically different from the brothers in the clone army – each have a unique exceptional skill that makes them exceptionally powerful soldiers and a huge crew.

“Star Wars: The Bad Lot” is produced by Dave Filoni (“The Mandalorian”, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”), Athena Portillo (“Star Wars: The Clone Wars”, “Star Wars Rebels”), Brad Rau (“ Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars Resistance) and Jennifer Corbett (Star Wars Resistance, NCIS) with Carrie Beck (The Mandalorian, Star Wars Rebels) and co-producer Josh Rimes Wars Resistance ”). Rau also serves as director and Corbett as editor-in-chief.

Star Wars: A bad lot will be shown in Disney + on Fridays.


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