See the exclusive cut in the aging comedy Connect


Age comedy comedy Come together will be released this Friday, and we have an exclusive clip of the film below through Vertical Entertainment; check it with the poster and the official summary…


The lives of four twenty-year-olds intertwine during a house party on Friday night in this imaginative and hilarious aging comedy. August, a strange recent college student struggling to find a base in a new city, finds a roommate and a single friend has different plans for the future that don’t include him. Damien and Betsy, a cute couple returning to Austin, run into Betsy’s old friend, who invites them to a party, while Damien’s secret plan suggests. Caleb, a non-directional musician whose life goes smoothly after letting go of the love of his life, suddenly gets a second chance when he hits him at a party. Each character often tries to navigate the difficult and fun problems that grow in today’s world.

Come together will be published on 14. May and will be seen by Will Bakke directing Actors who include Alejandro Rose-Garcia, Johanna Braddy, Jacob Artist and Courtney Parchman.


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