How To Write An SEO Optimized Content? Steps You Should Follow

The growth of digital marketing and the blogging profession needs lots of content. Content is the shortest pathway for the brands to reach their targeted audience. It helps brands by increasing audience engagement and retaining them for the long term.

It is the best medium to encourage audiences to engage with your brand and the products that you sell.

Creating content alone is time and research-intensive work. But, how would you feel after you put all your time going through intensive research and writing to see no result at all? Are you frustrated, right?

That is why we are here to help you write SEO Optimized Content so that you can reach lots of audiences and get the expected traffic on your website. This article has discussed tips to help you write SEO Optimized Content and use different content writing tools.

Tips For Writing SEO Optimized Content

Writing SEO Optimized Content is not easy. But it is not impossible either. All it takes is the practice of the proper steps and the use of some Content Writing Tools. Here are some of those tips-

1. Start With A Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Although we always recommend writing connections that are of thought-provoking quality and solve the readers’ queries. But, if you are to dominate the search engine, you need to start the process of content writing with thorough and intuitive keyword research.

  • Using the right keyword will help you stay at the top. It is crucial to look for a keyword with a high search volume within a specific timeframe. Using the wrong keyword is nothing more than a waste of your budget and time.
  • Create a keyword strategy and choose a keyword by understanding the search intent of the reader.
  • Use long-tail keywords.
  • Use the LSI keyword and other matching terms related to the focus keyword of your content.
  • Look for the keywords used by the competitor websites.
  • Use the focus keyword in the title, meta description, headings, tags, and in-between paragraphs.

2. Do A Thorough Content Research

This is a very crucial part of creating genuine and SEO-optimized content. First, you need to do thorough content research about the topic you will write about.

As a content writer, you might bump into an unknown subject now and then. It is essential to know about the topic properly before starting to write. You do not want to give the audience any wrong information. If the audience feels there is any misinformation in your article, then the bounce rate of your article will increase, and it will go down in the SERP.

So, you must know well about the topic you want to write about; that is why content research is necessary. You can take inspiration from the top-ranking articles on the search engine for some pointers.

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3. Structure The Article Into Different Segments

Structure The Article

SEO-optimized content is not your regular paragraph writing. The readers are not interested in your long stories. This might sound a little harsh, but it is the truth nonetheless. Instead of writing long paragraphs, you need to write short paragraphs, not more than three lines.

Also, you need to break down the article in headings and subheadings. Segmenting the information in different headings and tags will help the crawler rank your article in the SERP. In addition, you can use different pointers, underline or bold important information to catch the readers’ eyes.

4. Write Intuitive & Attractive Article

Your article needs to be like the glue trap for rats. The reader needs to be hooked from the very first line. You need to be a problem solver and a friend helping the reader. Here are some tips you can practice –

  • Use the focus keyword in the title.
  • Do not exceed 60 characters in a paragraph.
  • Be accurate in your description.
  • Use short, simple, and playful sentences.
  • Do not leave any information incomplete.
  • Keep surprises in the article; make it look like you are unfolding bud petal-by-petal.

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5. Use SEO Friendly URL

Is It Illegal To Record Someone?

The URL of your article is a significant role player in ranking your article. Creating SEO Optimized content requires you to make SEO-friendly URLs. Here are some tips that you need to follow-

  • Include the focus keyword in the URL.
  • Use the focus keyword on every page.
  • Create short and clean-looking URLs. Avoid unnecessary words within the URL.
  • Use Hyphens to separate words in the URL.
  • Do not use stop words in the URL.
  • Use only lowercase words in the URL.


There are hundreds of practices you can do while writing SEO Optimized content. For example, optimizing the meta description, doing image SEO, and adding relevant internal links to the article increases the article’s chances of ranking in the SERP.

The SEO tips for content writing provided here are legitimate and have actual benefits once used in the content. We hope that you will feel helped after reading this piece of content.

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