Serial Killer-Horror Movie Thriller Without Face gets a trailer, poster and pictures

Eye-Without face-13-600x338

After its digital release in August, a trailer, poster and pictures for the upcoming horror film by author-director Ramin Niam Eye without face who follows Henry (Dakota Shapiro), an agoraphobic young man who spends his days hacking the webcams of women around LA and suspects that one of them may be a serial killer; check them below …

Eye-without face-1-600x889


Eye without face-3-600x338

Eye-without face-4-600x338








Henry, an agoraphobic and anxious young man living in Los Angeles, breaks into the webcams of various young women living in the city. He supervises them in their daily lives, considering himself their guardian angel. When his new charming roommate Eric, a youtuber and struggling actor, pushes him into the real world, he unknowingly endangers Henry. And when Henry begins to suspect that one of the women he’s watching, Laura, is a killer, it all starts to get out of hand.

Eye Without a Face will arrive on digital platforms on August 10th.

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