Seth MacFarlanen Ted is getting his own TV series

Seth MacFarlanen’s successful talking teddy bear Ted is getting my own live-action little show on NBC’s Peacock TV.


Family Guy and American father creator Seth MacFarlane really hit a big time when the original Ted raised more than $ 600 million worldwide in 2012, and now he writes, is responsible for the producers, and is in a voice position for the return of blatant oral fuzzball. MacFarlane’s Fuzzy Door Productions partner Erica Huggins is working with the production, while UCP and MRC Television are making the program as part of an agreement between MacFarlane’s UCP and Fuzzy Door.

That’s something of a surprise, given that the 2015 sequel had little charm that made the original such a hit Ted 2 failed to make $ 100 million in domestic ticket sales, scratching 44% of Rotten Tomatoes and showing that the novelty of the cursing teddy bear had passed fairly quickly.

There are no details yet about the groups of people, but it’s hard to imagine that Mark Wahlberg, Amanda Seyfried, or Mila Kunis will rise to their roles, so Ted will likely find himself inappropriate with an entirely new family.

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