Seth Rogen says she has no “plans” to work with James Franco on sexual abuse



Seth Rogen and James Franco have been a force in Hollywood for some time. The pair has made film gold starring in underrated TV series Freaks & Geeks to their success factors Pineapple transportation. However, it seems that those days are over.

In recent years, several allegations have been made of sexual offenses against James Franco, most recently actress Charlyne Yi. Yi expressed his question with Franco Disaster artist, even so far that Rogen is called “possible.”

Rogen has now finally addressed this drama in a recent interview The Sunday Timessaying that “it is no coincidence” that the couple has not worked for a long time and he believes to be like that for some time, according to Rogen, “the truth is I am not and I am not going to [work with Franco] right now.”

After putting pressure on his relationship, Rogen replied, “I don’t know if I can define it during this particular interview. I can say it, hmm, you know, it has changed a lot of things in our relationship and dynamics. “

He also calls this a painful experience, but nothing of what the alleged victims experienced: “I have no pity on myself in this situation.”



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