Shared Hosting Security Risks You Need To Watch Out


Newly launched sites have limited traffic and storage needs, due to which shared hosting is considered the perfect choice for them. Shared hosting is easy to manage and quite affordable too. However, the sites must share resources and bandwidth, IP address, etc., with other sites on the same server. It is also manageable for new sites and does not create many hurdles until and unless there are security loopholes.

Shared servers also share the security risks among all the sites on the server. Whether some site attracts cyber-attacks or the server, the malicious content and practices will reach your site too and undermine its functioning and reputation. Not all shared servers come with such a risk, and service providers optimize their security. Still, you must be aware of the risks and decide carefully.

Dig deeper into the details of this article to explore and learn about shared hosting security risks you need to watch out for and take appropriate measures to keep your site safe.

Top 5 Security Risks in Shared Hosting You Must Beware Of

Shared hosting is the cheapest and simplest option for new site owners. It may take off a load of managing complex hosting tasks; however, it can significantly undermine site security. Shared servers are more vulnerable to security threats, which do not stay limited to one site but all the sites on the server. Therefore, you must be well aware of the potential security risk associated with shared hosting and look for a reliable service provider.

Here are the most notable security risks in shared hosting that you must beware of to ensure smooth site functioning.

1. DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks are the first and foremost security risk in shared hosting you must beware of. Such attacks turn heavy malicious traffic to a site or server. If a shared server or site on such a server receives a DDoS attack, it is bound to hurt your site too. The server can crash down due to a high influx of traffic. It will make your site go down and cause irreparable business loss. It can also cause a loss of reputation. This is why site owners contact and consult UAE hosting services and opt for fully secured shared or other suitable hosting plans.

2. Slow Load Times

The next security risk in shared hosting is the slower load times. If onsite security on the shared server is compromised, the hackers can use it to store heavy malicious files. It will consume more resources and bandwidth of the shared server and undermine the functioning of other sites on the same server. It will lead to slow site loading speed and overall functioning. It will also alert the user traffic of the potential threat and make you lose your traffic to your competitors and earn high losses.

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3. Server Configuration Limitations

Server configuration limitations are the next major security risk in shared hosting. Other types of hosting allow the sites a little control of the server configuration. They can install security plugins and take other appropriate measures to boost the overall site and server security. However, shared hosting comes with server configuration limitations, due to which site owners cannot optimize the security on their own. They cannot install security plugins or anything else and have to rely only on the service provider, which might not be enough. So, you need to trust a highly secure shared server or consider other hosting options.

4. Compromised Server Security

Compromised server security is one of the biggest security risks of shared hosting. Shared servers attract more cybersecurity attacks, which are not just directed toward one site, but affect all the sites on the server. Once the hackers gain control of one site on the shared server, they can access and steal data from all other sites on the same server. This makes user traffic wary of such sites. It can significantly undermine the traffic on your site and cause a loss of reputation too. So, you should never trust randomly shared hosting and only consult professional ones.

5. Shared IP Address

A shared IP address is the last security risk in shared hosting you must watch out for. Servers also come with IP addresses, such as sites and mobile devices. All the websites on the shared server also share the IP address. Malicious or illegal activities by one site on the server can lead authorities to block the IP. It means all sites using the same IP address will be blocked and banned without distinction. It can make your site face the repercussions of the wrongdoings of others. You can consult the best hosting providers in UAE to explore and opt for the best and most secure options for your site.

Are you looking for secure hosting options?

Randomly trusting any service provider can make you pay a much higher price. Therefore, contact and consult only professional service providers and explore ideal hosting options for your site to enjoy smooth functioning.

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