Shhh! Rumor has it that watchOS 8 receives Tips, Contacts, and Mind apps


Shhh!  Rumor has it that watchOS 8 receives Tips, Contacts, and Mind apps

WWDC 2021 will be streamed next Monday, June 7, starting at 10 a.m. PDT (operating at 1 p.m. EDT). What everyone is waiting to hear are all the new features coming for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and more. We have already discussed some things you might hear about iOS 15 on Monday.
Today we are discussing some new features that are rumored to be coming to watchOS 8. According to the developer Khaos Tian writing on Twitter (via MacRumors), Apple included some interesting names in the App Store list, including “” and “com.Apple.NanoContacts.” Because Nano is an internal code name that Apple for Apple Watch, it appears that the watch receives the original “Tips” and “Contacts” applications.
Tips for Apple Watch is currently available in the iPhone Tips app under the Collections heading. Tips it answers include how to quickly call for help using the device, how to add a dial, what to do when you need to ask Siri a question, how to open apps from the dock, and more. And of course, the contact list allows you to search for a person’s name and make a call to that person with a single tap on the touch screen.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has already said that the next watchOS update will include health-related features and it looks like Apple Watch users may be offered the “Mind” app as a way to improve mental health. The Mind app list in the App Store list does not include nano, which means that the Mind app may be available for watchOS, iPadOS, and iOS devices.

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