Shocking hero deaths in superhero movies


Red Stewart presents shocking superhero deaths …


# 5. Stephen Strange – doctor Strange

Stephen Strange has come to negotiate the trap MCU opponent Dormammu in an endless blink of an eye. In response, Dormammu decides to get a good doctor to suffer, to which his response is “pain is an old friend”.

The Master of Unbroken Skills is locked countless times, and he captures his final game through supreme sacrifice. A suitable bookshelf for the death of Stephen Strange and the Resurrection of Our Most High Wizard.


# 4. Boltie – super

This superhero-pastiche strikes a strange tone everywhere. Rainn Wilson and Elliot Page play genuinely injured people who find solace together. Mixing the harsh reality with the kilt characters, James Gunn culminates in a relationship between the two to ranch-beating.

The duo’s things start well until armed security fights. While Wilson’s Crimson Bolt survives, Page’s Boltie takes the blast to the head, and the results aren’t pretty. Half of his skull has been blown, traumatizing Bolt and confirming the R-rating of this trait.


# 3. Darwin – X-Men: First class

Matthew Vaughnin X man entry produces a pathos with payload. In front of a fight or flight option, Kevin Bacon’s Sebastian Shaw offers an ultimatum to Xavier and Magneto students.

Returning to the corner, our novice mutants choose their paths judiciously. Deciding to stop Angel from joining the Hellfire Club, Edi Gathegin Darwin tries to attack Shawa just for the villain directing Alex’s plasma blows inside him and urging the man to “adjust to this.”

The extra force can’t be dealt with, and we see Darwin’s body struggling to adapt. He looks heart-poundingly at Alex before his death in a painful death.


# 2. Comedian – guards

Zack Snyderin Guards is iconic, unforgettable and determined by the comedian’s death. This opening episode remains visceral, alive and translucent with a high cartoon gloss. The dialogue is short, the intentions are clear and for fans this is a visual statement without a gray area. Unrestricted violence, hammer revenge, and slowed-free free fall only highlight the agenda when a bloody and broken vigilant hits the concrete.

Ten years older and much wiser, this lollipop (no word!) Continues to hit home.


# 1. Big father – kick

In Matthew Vaughn’s first writing, we dive into Mark Millar’s ​​world Kick the ass. It made a star of Chloe Grace-Moretz, reminding people why Nicolas Cage is still a legend. The brutal, ferocious and poetically repelling Kick Ass is a must watch. Big Daddy is a brilliantly misleading creation that says Cage channels Adam West in a hockey game. His death to the living public via the internet is sick and yet true.

Comes with a full felony, praised for torture and burned in the area Straw doll, this feels like an ideal way to send him in style.

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