Showtime is revamping the city on a hill for a third season


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Two weeks after the end of the second season, Showtime has revamped Boston’s crime drama City on a hill for the third year. The series features Kevin Baco as corrupt FBI agent Jackie Rohr and Adlis Hodge as Boston assistant attorney Decourcy Wardina, who has targeted Rohr’s methods.

The third season consists of eight episodes in which Bacon and Hodge rise to their roles alongside Tom Fontana as the actor in the series.

City on a hill is Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Todd and Barry Levinson. Bacon and Hodge also act as assistant projectors.

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Season two centers on a federal housing project in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, plagued by drug violence and legitimate distrust of local law enforcement. As coalition leader Grace Campbell (Pernell Walker) works tirelessly on behalf of the community, her efforts to undermine gang activity that takes place under her nose. Enter unfair FBI agent Jackie Rohr (Bacon), who is here to take advantage of Boston’s flawed criminal justice system in a desperate attempt to save his own career. Unfortunately, Jackie’s assistant attorney, Decourcy Ward (Hodge), is at the last wrong stage of his opponent. Over time, the personal confrontation between the two will expand into a total war between the U.S. attorney and the Suffolk DA offices. No one is safe from damage.


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