Shudder releases a trailer for George A. Romero’s “lost” movie Amusement Park



After recent news George A.Romeron Twilight of the dead was under development, the late director has another film ready for release, only this one has been in the can for over 46 years. Amusement park, a nightmare story about the trauma of aging, will be released on Shudder this summer, and you can watch the twisted trailer here…

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Recently discovered and restored 46 years after the George A. Romero Foundation was completed and produced by Suzanne Desrocher-Romero, Amusement park stars MartinLincoln Maazel as an elderly man who is confused and increasingly isolated as the pains, tragedies, and humiliations of aging in America manifest themselves on roller coasters and chaotic crowds. The film, commissioned by the Lutheran Society, is perhaps Romero’s wildest and most imaginative film, an allegory of the nightmarish realities of aging, and is an engaging shot of the filmmaker’s early artistic ability and style, and would continue to tell the story of his next film.

Amusement park IndieCollect returned at 4k in New York City and will be released on the 8th. June in Shudder.



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