Sigourney Weaver leads Amazon’s The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart


The deadline says Alien and Ghostbusters legend Sigourney Weaver is set to produce a leader and star Alice Hart’s lost flowers, adaptation from Amazon to Holly Ringland’s novel of the same name.

Alice Hart’s lost flowers focuses on “a young girl, Alice Hart, whose violent childhood casts a dark shadow over adult life. After a family tragedy in which she loses both her abusive father and her beloved mother in a tragic and mysterious fire, nine-year-old Alice is spent his and his family’s past.

Opposite the Australian natural landscape, and with native wildflowers and plants as a means of expressing the speechless, family drama spanning decades as Alice grows from child to woman, is epic and visceral. Her journey is built on an emotional climax when Alice finds herself again fighting for her life with the man she loves. “

The seven-episode series was written by Sarah Lambert (Lambs of God), while Glendyn Ivin (Weeping) directs. Weaver, Lambert and Ivin co-starred in Made Up Stories alongside Jodi Matterson, Bruna Papandrea, Steve Hutensk and Allie Goss. The production is a collaboration between Barbara Gibbs and Lucinda Reynolds.

“Although mostly I wrote Alice Hart’s lost flowers I thought no one but me would ever read it, I wanted the novel to find people – I was guided by a deep, painful desire to connect, “Ringland said.” You can use my voice. The roar as I met the bushwalks as a child, screaming into the Australian bush, waiting breathless to hear someone else , unknown and invisible to me, but on the same track, shouts back together.I’m here.You’re not alone.I wanted to know my writing; it’s the feeling I wanted Alice and her story to give to others.This is my wildest dream.My first novel, Alice’s story , bringing it to life on screen and to a global audience with Amazon Prime Video. “

“From the moment I read Alice Hart’s lost flowers I knew I wanted to bring this story and these characters to the screen, ”Lambert said. “It’s such a topical drama about family, love and relationships that arise from violence that is often hidden behind neatly closed doors. Leaving unexplained damage. However, it is also a very hopeful story about women, resilience, friendship, and giving the voice of truth to finally break away from the past. I can’t wait to get the audience on this trip with the unruly Alice Hart. There’s really no better platform than Amazon Prime Video to bring this story to the world with a commitment to original sounds and groundbreaking performances. “

“We are excited to bring Alice Hart’s lost flowers for terminal Video. The story is a fascinating story about women’s resilience, perfectly embodied by the talented Sigourney Weaver, ”Matterson and Papandrea said. “Holly has created a distinctive and effective novel told with genuine, courage and love. We’ve been a fan of Holly’s book for a while now, a longtime admirer of Sigourney, and we’re excited to partner with Amazon Studios to bring this story to a global audience. “

“This immersive and emotional story is a wide-ranging drama with strong female characters, written and produced by an incredible talented group of female filmmakers and set in a stunning local landscape,” said Erika North, Amazon’s director of Asian Indigenous. Pacific. “We are excited that the magnificent Sigourney Weaver signed the project to bring the complex and effective story to life. We will continue to produce more local content by offering and revealing engaging stories involving Australian artists, writers and producers, and we are proud of the Australian originals we have with local production partners. “

Weaver has had a busy schedule late when he filmed James Cameron’s film Avatar 2 and Avatar 3, which repeats her role as Dr. Grace Augustine and is ranked fourth and fifth in Cameron character continued. He also gets him up Ghostbusters the role of Dana Barrettina this summer Ghostbusters: Afterlife alongside the original actor.

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