Silentium brings the new and improved Fera 5 Cooler and Fluctus PWM fan

Silentium PC has revised its Fera CPU Cooler series with a new look. The cooler comes with a new revitalized design from the ground up. The SiltentiumPC lineup comes with a new asymmetric heatsink design with the debut of the latest Fluctus 120 PWM axial fan. For additional cooling, the performance version of the Fera 5 Dual supports two Fluctus 120 PWM fans for optimal cooling.

SilentiumPC has paid a lot of attention to make the cooler from the ground up. The cooler comes with four copper heat pipes directly touching the processor. The copper heatsink draws the heat directly to the densely packed aluminum fin stack. The 56 uniquely profiled fins form an air tunnel, efficiently cooling down the processor.

Fera 5 Front

The Fera 5 cooler is the latest lineup of the cooling solution. SilentiumPC introduced its latest Synergy cooling technology with a high-performance cooling solution in mind. The Fera 5 heatsink comes with a dense aluminum fin design. Even though it has a dense design, it has a high airflow and psychoacoustic noise reduction.

The Fluctus 120 PWM fans are the main attraction here. The PWM fan ramps up to 300 to 1,800 RPM offers wide flexibility and customizability for enthusiasts. That is not it; the Fluctus 120 comes with modern, long-life FDB bearing and rubber vibration dampeners helping reduce the noise. The Fluctus 120 PWM fan pushes enough air to cool down the Fera 5. It seems the Fera 5 and the Fluctus fans complement each other and bring the best out of the cooler.

Fluctus 120 PWM fan and mouting system

The Fera 5 cooler comes with a new mounting system ensuring a tight mounting system. The Fluctus fans are easy to install in any direction. The Fera 5 supports most of the latest socket sizes, including AM4, AM3, LGA 1200, LGA 1150, LGA 1151, LGA 1155, and more.

Currently, the Fera 5 is on sale for $35 whereas the dual fan pack costs $45. You can check on the site for more information.

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