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The smartphone business collapsed like many other companies in early 2020, when the pandemic began, and there were locks almost everywhere in the world. When general guidelines were defined to combat the pandemic and online sales were activated, mobile phones were one of the important commodities buyers were looking for. As the new environment around business and lifestyle began to evolve, we realized that the smartphone business remains, but needs to be reformed to remain advanced in terms of sales and innovation. At the heart of the reform must be a sustainable long-term vision.

Due to the pandemic situation, people’s technical dependence increased globally. But that doesn’t mean people need to buy a new phone or need updated features. They mostly need the Internet. So the use of services built around the Internet increased. A smartphone is the primary tool for using these services. There are also computer users, but smartphones are by far the pioneers worldwide. The majority of the new generation is also more comfortable with their phones than with a computer.

However, as many people lost their jobs and businesses and lifestyles became more home-centric, people didn’t have to or couldn’t afford to show their new phones to friends and colleagues. This is one major reason, if not the main reason, for smartphone sales to fall despite a sharp increase in Internet traffic. Another reason is that manufacturers became more defensive with new production. Many new releases have updated features than previous phones. In other words, the price has gone up and there isn’t much excitement and upgrades. If this continues for longer, consumers may lose interest in new phones and the trends around them.

We have been successfully involved in the smartphone industry for the past eight years. To maintain business and high progress, we recommend that manufacturers focus primarily on:

  • Design
  • Material
  • Quality over quantity
  • Responsible marketing
  • Building strong local relationships and wholeness
  • Invest in or build an ecosystem of useful Internet services
  • Invest in innovation through accessories


Tesla cybertruck
Tesla Cybertruck Photo:

“First impression counts.” This will always remain as it is. When a consumer looks at a phone, he gets an idea of ​​what value it can bring to their lives. There are endless possibilities in design. Phone manufacturers should come up with completely new types of versatile and futuristic models. It doesn’t always have to be something too fine or complicated, like a foldable or roll-up phone. Think of the affordable version of the Tesla Cybertruck or Mercedes AMG Vision GT. That’s what I’m talking about.



Plastic is not the future. A company that realizes this first and takes a bold step to stop producing phones with traditional plastic backrests and frames can very well make a big difference. Now as a businessman you have to always keep the cost in mind and yes, the cost will get a little high if you use a natural material like glass or aluminum. Most consumers want to live in a good environment, but many are not willing to pay the price. So businesses are at risk of moving from plastic to natural material if consumers don’t get involved. At least this goal should be pursued because at the end of the day, we need a sustainable environment for sustainable growth. There may be campaigns to raise public awareness of environmental protection, for example, initially.

Quality over quantity

This moment was under construction and now is finally the time when we have officially experienced information overload. The online world is full and full of information. Plus, everywhere you go, there are more and more products and competitions. This is the perfect time to separate 360-degree motion from the crowd. Stop bombarding people with mass production of different models every few days. Introduce something every few months, once a quarter, or every six months that people really appreciate. The closest example is Apple and their iPhones. Last year, we saw four extra iPhones for different budget groups in one event, and they only did it once a year. These are the brands that will lead the future.

Responsible marketing

Don’t get cheap by constantly posting an ad on the same phone every day to all your social media platforms for all your fans. Instead, focus on the value of your products and the right audiences. What good is it for the flagship consumer to see your latest hot mid-range release or vice versa every single day? Rather, post more about what great services and services you can use with your phone. Find ways to get subscribers to specific phone models, for example by creating groups and forums and then posting updates there. Consumers and fans should feel their dignity by becoming part of your business and products.

Building strong local relationships and wholeness

Business partnership

This will be important in the near future as we watch the geopolitical scenario evolve. Several trade wars are already underway, and this weapon seems to be being used more and more in the event of conflicts between governments and their policies. Companies can suffer if they choose one side and reject the other, or if they are unable to build a strong strategy altogether. Recently, we have removed Huawei Mobile from our site after receiving evidence that they are working with the Chinese government on technology that discriminates and spies on Uighur minors there. Huawei was also banned in many important business locations, including the United States, due to privacy concerns and close ties to the Chinese government. From this example alone, we encourage companies to remain as neutral and open as possible, have strong local relationships, and build fully local units to lead the next generation of global business models.

Invest in or build an ecosystem of useful Internet services

Many leading companies are already doing it. They create order-based business models where you have more guarantees about returning capital. Just as an example, if you buy an iPhone, you have access to Apple Music, a subscription-based service on the Internet. You pay a regular amount to access their Apple Music Library, which you can access through your iPhone or other Apple devices. This is just one example. Apple has many other services like this that can be accessed from iPhones, MacBooks, iPods and so on. In this way, they create an ecosystem of products and services to meet the expanded needs of users.

Invest in innovation through accessories

VR glass

A smartphone is a whole different thing when you connect it to VR (Virtual Reality) glass. Smartwatches are also becoming more popular these days, and they work by connecting to a smartphone. These are just the beginning. The possibilities are endless here too.

Finally, we can say that phone manufacturers need a few steps and adjustments to achieve sustainable growth and development in the years to come. These steps may be quite different than they have been so far, but they are essential for the industry to flourish in new times.


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