Snapchat crashes again for many people


Snapchat’s problem is more than 125,000 users on Thursday night reporting problems in the Downdetector. I tried to sign in to the app on my iPhone 12, and now the app crashes every time I try to open the app. The other two Verge staff also cannot open the app.

Snap admitted the problem was on Tweet at 6:51 PM ET. “We are aware of a problem that is preventing some Snapchatterers from logging in,” the company said from the Snapchat support account. “Wait hard, we’ll investigate and work on the fix!”

The bug follows a nasty bug from June, when the iOS Snapchat version would crash on startup. That was the fault finally fixed in an update released shortly thereafter.

As always, I recommend following the memes sent by people On Twitter – They should provide a fun distraction until the Snapchat is corrected.

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