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Prior to India’s 75th Independence Day, an American multimedia service Snapchat has unveiled its latest landmark at the historic Indian Gate. First, for the national capital, the lens gets powered Snapchat AR technology that enhances the beauty of the iconic monument. If you want to experience the landmark, Snapchat nearby users will be notified to point their camera at the monument and witness the India Gate, which is adorned with tricolor.

Snapchat.  Photo: Pixabay.

Snapchat. Photo: Pixabay.

The lens allows users of a popular social media app to celebrate with friends and family, even when they are not physically together. Snapchatters can also use their creativity to share in Spotlight with the hashtag #MeraBharatMahan, giving this a chance to tell what India means to them in a unique way.

Indian Gate landmark.  Photo: Snapchat

Indian Gate landmark. Photo: Snapchat

Speaking about the new lens, Durgesh Kaushik, Snap Inc.’s head of market development for India, said:Snapchat Landmarks allow for augmented reality experiences that can transform the world’s most famous landmarks in real time. Landmark of the Indian Gate in the sign of Delhi Snapchat the third landmark Lens in India after the Indian Gate in Mumbai and the Taj Mahal Agra ”.

He added that strategy Snapchat is to focus on deepening the locally and culturally relevant experience for users living in India through creative tools, partnerships, product development and community engagement.

Augmented reality has revolutionized people’s communication, entertainment and experience. Continuing this trend, the company intends to expand its AR tools by innovating and creating unique moments and experiences for communication Snapchat users in a whole new way. The social media service has expanded its AR fabric, with an average of more than 200 million users involved in augmented reality every day, and more than 2,000,000 creators use Lens Studio to build AR lenses for the community.


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