Snapchat knows when you were born if you used it to check your horoscope


No matter what things may look like, Snapchat hasn’t learned about your birthday or place of birth yourself – you’ve probably told it yourself. Accurate information about the exact time, date and location of the user’s birth has been a concern for users Twitter and TikTok in recent days, but it is due The astrological profile of Snapchat nor the bad new skill acquired by the app because its popularity has risen last year.

You can look at your “Astrological Birthday” in the Snapchat settings section, and if you didn’t know you had already given the app all this information, it would be a pretty alarming discovery. Checking the baby pictures does not reveal it Snapchat Hot Dog however, has been with you since birth.

The Snapchat birthday menu has a surprising amount of information about your birth – if you forget to tell it to Snapchat yourself.
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Snapchat says Limit that its astrological profile function is due to:

Users themselves have entered the above date of birth and time information for more detailed information based on the latest astrological profile. The feature requires an exact date and time of birth for each person to calculate an accurate star chart reading.

We take the privacy of personally identifiable information in Snap very seriously, and this more detailed date and time of birth will only be used for this astrological profile feature.

Snapchat published astrological profiles in November 2020 a way for users to share and compare horoscopes of their stories and check their relative compatibility with friends. You already shared your birthday with Snapchat when you created your profile. new astrological features took it a step further to ask about your date and place of birth.

A side effect of playing an Snapchat astrologer is that the app now has all of your birthday and birth information stored in the Birthday section of your settings as “My Astrological Birthday.” Snapchat does not share birth information unless you want it (up to your birthday with friends), and you can delete that date and location information at any time by tapping. None of this individual information is in itself particularly harmful, but this is a good example of how applications can collect information about you over time, even if it is never intended to be shared or necessarily used.

Add to this confusion even on Snapchat, which has a lot of (albeit fun) features that are easy to forget, rather than the fact that it’s technically based on when Snapchat was originally released as Picaboo, it is cancer. It’s a full cancer business otherwise.

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