Snapchat lets you set Bitmoji on your profile in 3D


Snap introduces the ability to put your Bitmoji character on your Snapchat profile in 3D, the company announced Monday. With your 3D Bitmoji device, you can choose from more than 1,200 combinations of body positions, expressions, gestures and backgrounds according to Snap.

You can see some of the options available in the image at the top of this post and below. It seems like there are a lot of fun ways to set Bitmoji to represent you.

Snap says the feature will be introduced on Monday, but I haven’t gotten to it yet on Snapchat itself.

Bitmoji characters are very popular – Snap says more than 200 million people use them every day – and this isn’t really the first time they’ve switched to 3D: Snap offers Snapchat lenses reflects an animated and 3D version of your Bitmojis in a reality added to the world.

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