Solid Clouds announced the release of Starborne: Frontiers


Indie publisher Solid Clouds has announced the release of the next chapter Starborne universe Starborne: Rajat. This new game is a huge extension to their MMORTS knowledge, Sovereign space.


With this new massive real-time multiplayer strategy, current players move away from the real-time empire-building form of Sovereign Space and instead travel across civilized space by fighting with other commanders, building personal bases, and learning about the secrets of the galaxy. . There are over a dozen groups waiting to be discovered, and each has its own history, history and philosophy. Some of these groups may share similar ideologies as players and help them, while others may immediately have conflicting ideas about how things should work.

Players can also work with their teammates to take on the greatest dangers in the galaxy through both PvP and PvE elements.

“I am very excited about the opportunity to tell deeper stories through our games,” said Stefán Gunnarsson, CEO of Solid Clouds. “We’ve come together and built the technical foundation that allows us to truly dive into this massive universe and give our players more accurate stories and role-playing games. We’ve done enough work Starbornegroups and characters fill a book or two, and now we finally get to share it with the world – it’s incredibly rewarding. “

Sign up Starborne: Rajat now click here.

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