Some Apple fans strongly experience the following iPhone name


Some Apple fans strongly experience the following iPhone name

Even though summer has officially arrived, we all know how fast it will pass. However, Apple fans have something to look forward to at the end of the summer – for the annual special event in September. Although recently SellCell query shows that some fans may not be as excited about the next iPhone and iOS 15. On the next iPhone, I mean its name in more detail. The SellCell survey asked a simple question: “Could naming the next Apple smartphone, the iPhone 13, take you away because number 13 could be considered unlucky?” Here are 3005 answers to the topic:

  • One in five iPhone and iPad users (18.3%) said ‘iPhone 13’ postpones them
  • Men who did not like the name (24.9%) are about double the proportion of women (11.7%)
  • The remaining 81.7% of participants said it would not affect their purchasing decisions

As a result, Apple users were asked to provide name suggestions for next-generation iPhones. The best known example was the ‘iPhone (2021)’, which would follow other products such as MacBooks or iPadsIn addition, many also expressed enthusiasm for the recently announced features of iOS 15. The most distinguished was the updated wallet application, which had a completely new support for storing identity cards (23%). Enhanced search in Spotlight (17.3%) and Advanced Features in Find My (14.2%) took second and third place.

It turns out that this year, Apple has failed to pack a hype train with so much excitement to follow. However, we certainly do not know what will be in stock at this September’s event until we can see it with our own eyes.

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