Some AT&T subscribers get a free smartphone


Some AT&T subscribers get a free smartphone

There is nothing better on this planet than getting a free phone from your wireless carrier. If you are AT&T As a customer, you may be able to experience this pleasure. The operator has sent a series of emails informing customers that it will disconnect its 3G network next February.
For some AT&T subscribers whose current handset cannot make calls on the LTE network, turning off an operator’s 3G pipeline means they don’t have a device that they can use to communicate over the phone. But by playing with a “gracious” host, AT&T gives customers affected by the 3G shutdown the opportunity to get a free phone for them.
Launching the browser, direction, and checking their phone number will affect AT&T subscribers, who can agree to receive their free replacement phone within a few weeks from their carrier. However, don’t expect to get expensive flagships in the house. In fact, the device that the wireless service provider provides to subscribers for free is the AT&T Radiant Core.

Radiant Core was originally offered in October 2019 to AT & T’s prepaid customers and is currently priced at half $ 35. If you’re an AT&T customer who can receive a device, you might say sarcastically, “Wow AT&T, you’re playing sports.” The phone has a 480p screen, 16GB of storage with 64GB of microSD card slot, 1GB of memory, a 5 megapixel camera on the back, a removable 2500 mAh battery, audio via LTE and Android 9 (Pie) is pre-installed.

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