Some Samsung phones receive five-year security updates, but they have an advantage


Samsung 5 year software updates

Samsung has just announced certain enterprise versions of some of the most popular devices receive five-year security updates. This is in line with Samsung’s update policy with Apple on security updates, but unfortunately most ordinary users cannot benefit from the system.

Standard Galaxy smartphones continue to receive upgrades for up to four years. High-end models are updated monthly, while old flagships and mid-range devices receive quarterly updates. Last but not least, devices that are close to or more than two years old will start getting updates less often.

What is the difference between a Galaxy and a regular one? Simple, corporate counterparts are designed with companies in mind, and can be configured remotely by a particular company’s IT team. Only certain applications and software approved by the organization can be installed on the device, which increases the overall security of the devices and helps to combat malware and prevent malicious attacks by malicious people.

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