Sonos Arc gets volume control via software update


Yesterday, Sonos will release a software update that includes improvements for its owners Arc soundbar and Hike with a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Arc owners can now adjust the volume of the uplink height channel controls separately from the level of other channels that could not previously be modified.

Up Shot drivers in Dolby Atmos– functional soundbars rest on the ceilings to restore sound from the soundbar to the viewer. But many variables, such as ceiling height, roof shape, and distance from the soundbar to the viewer, can affect how convincing these pitch channel sounds are.

Being able to adjust the volume of these channels manually would help those who find that Sonos ’Trueplay room tuning system hasn’t achieved the kind of deepening sound they want, or vice versa, that the effects of the pitch channel are too strong for their preference.

To use the new settings, arc owners must:

  • Open the Sonos S2 app, tap settings tab, and then click System.
  • Select the room where the Arc soundbar is located.
  • Below Sound tap Treble.
  • Use the slider to increase or decrease the pitch of the audio channels.

For Roam owners, the software update fixes a potential battery drain issue noticed by people who had installed Google Assistant on their portable speaker. Otherwise, the battery may drain quickly, leaving Roam owners with less than 10 hours.

Sonos has not announced how much of a difference the upgrade will have to Roam’s battery life. “Today’s update ensures customers can get the most out of their battery while enjoying Google voice control,” a Sonos spokesman told reporters in an email.

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