Sony’s $ 499 PS5 will no longer sell at a loss


Sony’s $ 499 PlayStation 5 console will no longer sell at a loss. Bloomberg reports that Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki shared the news just a week after the company had announced sold 10 million PS5 consoles.

While the PS5 with the disk drive is no longer sold for less than its manufacturing cost, the cheaper and diskless $ 399 PS5 Digital Edition is said to be on track to have other hardware sales, such as accessories and PS4, offset Sony’s losses. Sony sold 500,000 PS4 consoles in the fourth quarter, increasing lifetime sales to an impressive 116.4 million.

The PS5 won’t be as expensive as Sony’s PS3 launch.
Photo: Sony

Sony took years to stop losing money on PS3 sales, but the company stopped selling PS4 at a loss about six months after its debut in 2013. early reports suggest it Sony struggled with PS5 pricing because of the expensive parts.

Microsoft was unveiled earlier this year that it sells its Xbox console at a loss and does not make a profit on hardware alone. Microsoft has not reported hardware sales since the early days of Xbox One, but the Xbox CEO revealed Epic v. Apple an experiment in which Microsoft makes a profit from game sales and online service subscriptions.

Sony also announced (PDF) its first-quarter revenue to PlayStation today and its second-largest PlayStation revenue during the non-holiday quarter. PlayStation Network also has 104 million monthly active users, spending an average of $ 37.09 in the first quarter of 201 on digital software, add-ons and services.

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