Sony’s next mid-range phone could be the Xperia Ace II


Sony has in recent years focused its smartphone production on high-end and mid-range price levels, which is probably one of the main reasons for the Japanese company announced the first wins to their mobile distribution over the years.

It looks like the next smartphone Sony plans to launch will be part of the Ace series, a mid-range orientation. Certain Sony Xperia Ace II has recently been detected in the Google Play Console (via MySmartPrice), a continuation of the original Xperia Ace, which debuted on the market two years ago.

Just like its predecessor, the Xperia Ace II is a low to mid-range smartphone equipped with an eight-core MediaTek Helio P35 chipset, 4GB of RAM and either 64GB or 128GB of internal memory. Thanks to an announcement in the Google Play Console, we also know that the smartphone carries an HD + display and uses the Android 11 operating system.

The details of the camera and battery are not yet known, but we will probably start to see the unannounced Xperia Ace II now that the Google Play Console has confirmed its existence. In terms of price and availability, your guess is as good as ours, although it’s worth mentioning that the original model, which is exclusive in Japan, was quite expensive at about $ 445.

Looking at the phone’s specifications, the Xperia Ace II shouldn’t cost more than $ 250-300, but knowing that Sony almost always overprices its phone, we expect this to be higher.


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