SpaceX hires a space gate mycologist to make cocktails


Elon Muskin SpaceX is looking for “space gate mycology” capable of whipping space-themed drinks next to the company’s sprawling rocket factory in South Texas.

While space itself is unlikely to be in the future, an experienced bartender – who has one of the finest roles – will enjoy joining the hundreds of workers working on SpaceX’s massive Starship rocket system in rural Boca Chica, Texas. The mixologist will probably work from a small house next to SpaceX’s budding space gate, which Musk calls the Starbase Tiki Bar, and sling tiki drinks like Test Pilot or Jet Pilot.

“Experience combining drinks with a themed menu” is on the list of top skills. “SpaceX has several food service outlets and forms that serve our workforce, and they want to add many more. We are looking for candidates with excellent mixology experience who focus on resorts, bars and full service restaurants job description says.

Picture of a drink at SpaceX’s tiki bar by Musk.
Elon Musk

SpaceX’s Boca Chica website also has restaurant and another bar in one of the company’s rocket building towers, which overlooks the entire space gate. Musk calls this bar the “High Bar” – the “high bay” of the tower – and has described it as a “futuristic bar” with “360-degree windows and a glass floor looking down at the rocket factory”. SpaceX hosts parties At the High Bar in June.

SpaceX employs dozens of food service jobs at Texas and California locations to feed the company’s growing workforce. Chefs, baristas, and sous chefs are open positions in the Food Services category on the SpaceX job page. While SpaceX’s catering establishments primarily serve their own employees, the public may not be left out for long. “I support a great deal of public spaces around our production and launch locations where it can be done safely,” Musk has tweeted in January. “When the covid passes, we open our restaurant to the public and come up with ways to allow limited access to the High Bar.”

It is not uncommon for large technology and aerospace companies to hire chefs and baristas to serve their employees. From Facebook to Google Boeing, they all have chefs and baristas, according to LinkedIn, and SpaceX also has several chefs and baristas. But Limit has found no evidence of mixing doctors from other companies. One of Musk’s other companies, Neuralink, just built his own bar, but it is unclear whether the brain interface startup uses its own mixology.

SpaceX’s Boca Chica site is in its infancy, but it could one day send people to the Moon – company won the NASA contract in April to launch the first U.S. astronauts to the surface of the moon since 1972. But before the moon is taken and probably before the tiki bar and restaurant open to the public, SpaceX has ways to go “ripens” more critical functions Musk in the star space.

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