Spin scooters come to Google Maps


Google Maps users will be able to find and rent Spin scooters after a Ford-owned company announced a new global integration on Tuesday.

Starting on Sunday, anyone using Google Maps will be able to see the nearest available Spin electric bike or e-scooter in real time, including how long it will take to get in the vehicle, as well as battery distance and estimated arrival time.

But to pay for the scooter, open it, and take a ride, users are directed to the Spin app. Google Maps users can see Spin availability in 84 cities, campuses, and cities in Europe and North America.

“Our goal is really to make getting around as convenient or even easier with alternative modes of transport, bicycles, buses, scooters and public transportation, as well as getting around by car,” Spin CEO Ben Bear said. Limit. “And before you can do that, you’re really not directing the space transfer we’ve all focused on in the micromobile industry.”

Spin scooters appear on Google Maps when users select a bike option when searching for directions to a specific location. They also appear on the Public Transportation tab, Bear said.

Spin is the latest e-scooter company to integrate its products into Google Maps. Users have been able to find and rent Lime scooters since the end of 2019. Depending on the city, the popular navigation app also includes available bike splits, public transit timetables, and price information for the use of Uber and Lyft vehicles.

Alphabet – which is owned by Google – is an investor in Lime who has been involved in a $ 170 million investment in a scooter company in May 2020. As part of the deal, Lime acquired Uber’s bike and scooter distribution company Jump.

The Google Maps integration will help level the playing field for Spin with its competitors, Bear said. “Which is the fastest and most convenient option, it comes to the surface first, right?” he said. “So it’s really done in a fair way.”

The spin, which Ford bought for $ 100 million in 2018, has seen its own vibrations. Earlier this summer, the founder and CEO Derrick Ko resigned takes on the role of strategic advisor when the company’s CEO Ben Bear became the new CEO. Spin announced plans to add electric bicycles to its shared vehicles and expand its operations to several cities in the United States and Europe.

Possibly encouraging all this activity was a report Ford considered selling Spinor perhaps by combining a scooter distribution company with a special sourcing company, also known as SPAC.

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