SpongeBob Washing Adventure adventures are coming this summer for mobile phones


Kongregate has announced the release of a brand new SpongeBob game for mobile devices this summer. SpongeBob Washing Adventures takes players on an underwater adventure in Bikini Bottom and funny new dimensions. You can watch the game notification trailer below.


SpongeBob Washing Adventures starts a normal day at Bikini Bottom and Sandy Cheeks celebrates his birthday with his friends when Patrick Star goes and breaks his vortex machine. In a typical Patrick-induced catastrophe, the vortex machine spirals everything to a new dimension.

Players must help SpongeBob and other fan-favored characters, such as Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and Plankton, try to return home in a real Bikini Bottom bikini.





“We are very excited to be working with Nickelodeon again this time to bring a new SpongeBob an adventure for mobile gamers around the world, ”said Tammreg Levy, Product Manager at Kongregate. “SpongeBob has become a huge cultural icon, full of wisdom and whimsical adventures, and fans love it all over the world. We are excited to add to the universe and bring this new one SpongeBob an adventure in life for big and small fans to dive into. “

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SpongeBob Washing Adventures takes your Android and iOS players into a crazy adventure this summer.

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