Spotify adds a What’s New feed to the music and podcasts you follow


There is something new a new section in Spotify which collects new music and content from musicians and podcasts you follow on the platform. The feed, which is coming worldwide in the coming weeks for iOS and Android, is available via a new clock icon in the top right corner of the app’s home screen. A blue dot appears when there is new content in the feed, and artists and podcasts can be added by tapping the Follow button on their pages.

“New is easier than ever to get all the latest songs and episodes from the authors you follow,” Spotify’s announcement says. “Plus, it’s even updated in real time, so you know you can listen to new content as soon as it’s published.”

Spotify’s What’s New app.
GIF: Spotify

While the new feature works with music releases, the feed is probably most useful for keeping podcasts up to date. Despite Spotify big push podcasts, its history as a music – centric service has meant that its applications are not particularly suitable for listening to periodic content. Meanwhile, dedicated podcasting apps are designed around chronological feeds, making it easier to access new episodes. Hopefully what’s new brings some of these benefits to Spotify.

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