Spotify introduces library redesign on Android and iOS


Spotify introduced new visual changes to their mobile apps over the weekend. Both Android and iOS apps will get a revamped library that should further improve navigation. The update will be available from Friday and will include a new version Your library available to all Spotify mobile users.

But it’s not just the new visual design we get with your new library, but also the new features. For example, new dynamic filters will help mobile users browse their collections faster and easier. This feature allows you to select an album, artist, playlist, or podcast to see the recorded audio that matches.

The update also brings better sorting options, as you can now choose to view audio in alphabetical order, by name recently played or by content provider. Another great new feature allows Spotify mobile users can select up to four playlists, albums or podcasts attached. Swipe right for these items, seepin“-Option.

Your new Library layout includes a grid view that makes it easier to browse similar content with large screens and podcast covers. All of these changes should be available to everyone Spotify users On Android and iOS by the end of this week.


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