Spotify updates Android and iPhone apps to improve accessibility


Spotify now has 365 million users worldwide one of the largest music streaming services. Such a title always involves certain responsibilities, especially when it comes to accessibility.

Spotify introduced many changes to enhance the user experience as they enjoy their favorite songs and podcasts. The latest Spotify updates iOS and Android devices introduce three ease-of-use improvements to the user experience: buttons with improved readability, text resizing options, and beta for podcast literates.

Once the update has arrived on your phone, you will notice that changes are made to the buttons in terms of color, text formatting, and size. They are designed to make it easier for visually impaired and visually impaired users to take advantage of various features, such as shuffling playlists or listening to a session. In addition, the update will also help users in situations where lighting is low or reflections are high. The next major change, introduced today, is the ability to resize Spotify text in Android and iOS apps. This can be done from the iPhone Settings menu:

  • Go with your phone Settings> Accessibilityand then selectScreen and text size. “
  • TapLarger text“For larger font options.
  • Drag the slider to select the font size you want.

Last but not least, Spotify publishes automatically created podcast transcripts that automatically create transcripts for Spotify Original and Exclusive podcasts on iOS and Android. The new feature makes it easier for users to read the text of certain podcasts on their phone, either with or without voice.


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