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Square, a San Francisco-based financial and digital payments company, has announced plans to make a hardware wallet for bitcoin. The announcement was made by Square Hardware Director Jesse Dorogusker Twitter. According to his tweet, “We have decided to build a hardware wallet and service to make Bitcoin storage more mainstream. We will continue to ask and answer questions in an open environment. This community response to our project chain has been awesome – encouraging, generous, collaborative and inspiring.”

The announcement came after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced last month that Twitter was considering making a hardware wallet for bitcoin.

Jack responded to Square’s big announcement by saying “We’re doing it #Bitcoin.”

The company has not mentioned any specific timeline for when it will launch the wallet.


Square also has a Cash app that allows users to sell and buy bitcoin.

The Bitcoin wallet can be stored offline or online and can be used for encryption, places where bitcoin can be sold or bought in traditional currencies or other cryptocurrencies.

Mostly in web-based lockers, the other party controls the user’s private key. In non-custodial wallets, these controls are in the hands of users, who can control their own transactions and prove that the funds are theirs.

I remember Square is too cash an application that allows users to sell and buy bitcoin.


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