Square plans to make a hardware wallet for bitcoin


The square is intends to make a hardware wallet for bitcoin, the company ‘s chief hardware officer Jesse Dorogusker announced Thursday. CEO Jack Dorsey, who is also Twitter’s CEO, had said in June (in a thunderstorm, of course) that the company was considering doing so, and now Square has made the decision to move on.

“We have decided to build a hardware wallet and service to make Bitcoin storage more mainstream,” Dorogusker said. “We will continue to ask and answer questions in an open space. This community’s response to the theme of our project has been awesome – encouraging, generous, cooperative and inspiring.”

Dorsey has not concealed her interest in bitcoin. His Twitter biobook only says:#bitcoin, ”He showed the Bitcoin watch testifying before Congressand he has even said he would work on bitcoin if he didn’t work on Square and Twitter. So it’s no surprise that more Square effort is going towards a cryptocurrency hardware wallet.

This hardware wallet is not Square’s first cryptocurrency-focused product. You can already buy and sell bitcoin from Square’s Cash App.

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