Star Wars: A bad lot is worth watching, even if you didn’t see the Clone Wars


Order 66 is one of the darkest events on the Star Wars timeline – and the Revenge of the Sith revealed you only to its main beats. If you played the 2019 video game The fallen order of the Jedifor example, it successfully captures the horror of watching the clone army turn to the Jedi and the shock of its event to the survivors. There was definitely more to say at this gloomy time in war history.

In The Clone Wars, the sequel to The Star Wars, you watch a bunch of clones try to figure out why their brothers just turned to their former allies. It’s a whole order of the aftermath of 66 and what happens to the galaxy right after that – friends become enemies and whole worlds are shaped around them. The empire, as we know it, is rapidly rising from the collapse of the republic.


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