Start11 brings the classic Start menu back to Windows 11


Stardock is back with another application that obscures the look of the Windows Start menu. This time it’s for Windows 11, which hasn’t even been fully released. Start11 is available in beta, and brings back the classic look of the Windows Start menu in Windows 11.

“This first beta is designed to restore some of the lost functionality in the current Windows 11 Start menu,” says Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock. “We have a lot of exciting new features designed to make the Start menu even easier to use, but also more useful for businesses and power users.”

Start11’s Windows 7-style Start menu.
Photo: Stardock

Start11’s modern Start menu with classic features.
Photo: Stardock

Start11 includes a configuration interface that supports future Start menu templates according to Stardock. While previous Start10 application with the goal of restoring the classic Windows 7 Start menu to Windows 10, Start11 will go further in the future and add additional features to the Windows 11 Start menu.

“Start11 expands this to support many new Start menu ideas, such as page concepts, tabs, minimalism, and features for our corporate customers,” Wardell explains.

Start11 beta is available todayPriced at $ 4.99, it offers a choice between a Windows 7-style Start menu or a more modern one, bringing back some of the classic style and features of the Start menu.

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