Difference Between Study MBBS in China and Russia for Pakistani Students


There is no denying that a study MBBS in China is always the best option for aspiring Pakistani medical students. There are numerous reasons why Pakistani medical students choose to study MBBS in China, one of which is the limited number of MBBS seats in Pakistani government medical colleges and the thousands of students who take the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Examination). Although studying MBBS in China from a private medical college is an option for Pakistani medical students, the high donation and excessively high MBBS fees allow students to choose to study MBBS in China.

Difference between Study MBBS in China and Russia for Pakistani Students

As many Pakistani medical students consider Study MBBS in China to obtain a globally recognized MBBS degree and practice MBBS in China. Several other questions arise when a Pakistani medical student decides to study MBBS abroad, and one of the most important is which country is the best to study MBBS in China. As there are various countries all over the world with NMC (National Medical Commission) recognized medical universities, formerly MCI (Medical Council of Pakistan) recognized medical universities, and WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Schools) recognized medical universities, and so on.

While Russia is the most desired and favorable destination for Pakistani medical students to study MBBS abroad, China is also becoming a popular destination for Pakistani medical students to study MBBS in China. Several students have inquired whether MBBS in Russia or MBBS in China is a better option for Pakistani medical students. So, to assist you, let’s discuss this topic and determine which country is best for Pakistani medical students to study MBBS abroad, based on a variety of criteria-

The duration of the MBBS program:

The duration of MBBS in Russia and MBBS in China is roughly the same, at 6 years. Whether you study MBBS in Russia or MBBS in China, the program will take 6 years to complete. The entire MBBS course is divided into 5+1 years, with 5 years of classroom training to gain solid medical knowledge and 1 year of extensive training at an affiliated university hospital. This one-year training is provided to enrolled medical students to improve their clinical skills. However, when studying MBBS in Russia, all enrolled medical students have the opportunity to begin their observership studies in the second year. Now, Pakistani medical students studying MBBS in Russia can do their internship at Max Hospital during their semester breaks.

The Costs of Studying Medicine in Russia and China:

MBBS in China typically costs between INR 25 Lakhs and INR 30 Lakhs, whereas MBBS in Russia typically costs between INR 22 Lakhs and INR 30 Lakhs. MBBS in Russia is unquestionably a more affordable option, particularly for Pakistani medical students. All enrolled Pakistani medical students can study at top government medical universities in Russia that offer MBBS at a much lower cost than any private medical university in Pakistan. In comparison to MBBS fees in China and medical education in Russia, studying MBBS in Russia is less expensive in terms of fees and overall cost of living. Therefore, in terms of monetary value, MBBS in Russia is the best option.

Safety and security while studying medicine in Russia and China:

No matter which country you choose to study MBBS in, whether it is Russia or China, both countries can be considered safe for all international students, particularly Pakistani medical students. Every year, thousands of Pakistani students study MBBS at medical universities in both countries, both enrolling and graduating. When it comes to China, the country has the third-highest number of international students who choose to study MBBS in China each year, while Russia is the top choice in the entire European continent among international students for higher education, particularly MBBS in China.

Russia and China provide high-quality education during the MBBS program:

Russia and China, the two most well-known countries offering MBBS in China, have very different curricular structures and teaching styles. Medical universities in Russia offer a European approach to education, whereas medical universities in China have their style. Though both countries that offer MBBS in China have unique curricula, MBBS from Russian medical universities is much more well-recognized and accepted than MBBS from China.

MBBS Degree Accreditation and Recognition in Russia and China:

Both countries have several medical universities that are well-reputed and recognized by all of the world’s major medical councils for offering MBBS in Russia and MBBS in China. China currently has 49 medical universities, whereas Russia has 54 medical universities recognized by the Medical Council of Pakistan (MCI) and is now accredited by the National Medical Commission (NMC) and WDMOS (World Directory of Medical Schools).

Languages used by Russian and Chinese medical schools to teach MBBS:

We all know that neither China nor Russia are of English-speaking origin. As a result, it is impossible not to learn their native languages, especially for Pakistani medical students who choose to study MBBS in either of the countries. Even if you choose to study in completely English-medium universities, you will unknowingly or knowingly learn their languages to enjoy the country, whether you are studying MBBS in Russia or MBBS in China. However, in comparison to Russian medical universities, the number of medical universities in China that offer English-medium education is significantly lower.

Pakistani medical students who choose to pursue an MBBS degree In Russia, students have the option of studying at a fully English-medium Russian medical university, where they will be taught Russian to help them communicate with locals during clinical rotations. The language of instruction and assessment, however, would be English. One cannot ignore the fact that learning both local languages while studying in Russia or MBBS can provide students with a lot of career and growth opportunities.

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