T-Mobile 5Gin Moonlight and 5Ginger Beer Brand Extended Range 5G Coverage Milestone


Believe it or not, tomorrow at 12 noon in the Pacific you can buy T-Mobile’s 5G brand alcohol. Leave it to the Un operator to stimulate demand for its services with smart marketing games, but this can literally knock you down.

On Thursday, June 24 at 12:00, you can go to T-Mobile5Gin.com and order a bottle of Ultra Capacity 5Gin ($ 30 + shipping / taxes) or a six-pack of Extended Range 5Ginger beer ($ 10 + shipping / taxes).

The alcohol has been produced in collaboration with the Heritage Distilling Company in honor of T-Mobile’s expanded 5G coverage milestone, which now covers more than 300 million people or nearly the entire United States.

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