T-Mobile Adds Sprint LTE Shutdown Day to Its Bold 5G Domination Program


T-Mobile Adds Sprint LTE Shutdown Day to Its Bold 5G Domination Program

When it is not busy treating customers free 5G smartphones, very valuable Amazon Gift Cardsand clearly unusual publicity stunts, T-Mobile is still working hard behind the scenes to tie all the loose ends due to its high-profile acquisition of Sprint last year.

But that won’t be true any longer, as Magenta plans to turn off Sprint’s CDMA signal “on or around January 1,” according to a document tacitly released at the end of 2020, followed by an even larger transfer, possibly scheduled for June 30, 2022.

Sprint users beware!

It looks pretty tight on the end date of the Sprint LTE network, he notes, and while the “Un-Operator” hasn’t yet confirmed this goal, we have no real reason to doubt the legality and accuracy of the programs. latest leak A lot of discussion on Reddit over the last 12 months.
This is T-Mo’s absolutely ambitious plan that could leave a significant number of old Sprint customers without service relatively quickly after the completion of the aforementioned merger, though honestly, it was a very long time.

In other words, all customers considered should have switched to a modern device that is “compatible with T-Mobile LTE or 5G”, especially given how easy and cheap it is. Magenta has made these important updates late.
Unfortunately, the list of Sprint LTE and 5G devices that are not compatible with T-Mobile LTE and 5G networks remains in the wounds, but if you are a stubborn owner of an older handset that was purchased decommissioned plaintiff, it may be safe to choose one the best T-phones available in 2021.
Of course, you don’t have to worry about such things for long if you do, and if you go somewhere the best T-Mobile deals right now, you don’t have to spend much … or anything else to consider the future of wireless.

Just do the jump already!

Keep in mind that you may not even be able to use your old 4G LTE-enabled phone to make 911 calls after June 30, 2022, if you claim the inevitable delay.

For what it is worth T-Mobile plans to wait until the end of next year for its own 2G network, although we can’t say the same about Sprint’s 2G and 3G signals, both set to disappear completely on or around January 1, 2022.

If you think about it, all of these downtime are an integral part of T-Mo’s aggressive strategy Conquering the 5G landscape in the United States. A narrower and less fragmented network can deliver better speeds and wider coverage across the country, not to mention a more reliable signal to all subscribers.
It’s safe to say that anyone can (or at least should want to) get behind such a goal, which is why it’s important to make sure you own a T-Mobile 4G or 5G-compatible phone equipped with a T-Mobile SIM card by next June.

Of course, you can do so by contacting T-Mobile or Sprint customer support channels for both everyday consumers and “valued business customers,” and the message sent to Reddit seems to be specifically addressed. The sooner the better.

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