T-Mobile is launching unconventional 5G smartphone plans for small businesses


In an attempt to revive small businesses nearly 15 months after the COVID-19 pandemic, T-Mobile has just announced a new set of unconventional smartphone plans and a broadband solution for small businesses.

In addition to the new 5G T-Mobile announced it will partner with Facebook to provide small businesses with expert advice and resources to maintain digital marketing. Qualified small businesses can also receive $ 200 in digital advertising on Facebook or Instagram, which means reaching 25,000 new potentials depending on the design of the campaign.

Nevertheless, from June 1, 2021 T-Mobile offers new Business Unlimited smartphone plans with unlimited 5G connectivity, a high-speed mobile base station and more Premium data, such as the operator’s Magenta MAX plan with unlimited Premium data. In the attached image, you will find the prices for each of the three new plans: Business Unlimited Select, Business Unlimited Advanced, and Business Unlimited Ultimate.

In addition, T-Mobile introduced a new small business Internet program that offers the following benefits to small business owners:

  • A direct plan with no annual contract for just $ 60 a month (with AutoPay) and no price increase.
  • High-speed Internet service from the American 5G leader.
  • The Nokia 5G router is delivered directly to your business, included in the monthly price at no extra charge for the devices.
  • No restrictions or additional penalties.
  • A simple installation that you can do in minutes without connection fees or the daunting wait for a so-called installation technician.
  • Great support from dedicated experts who are just a call away whenever you need them

Finally, T-Mobile for Business will run a limited time campaign for small businesses on the Internet, which means that from June 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021, this plan will be available for only $ 50 per month (with AutoPay), $ 10. discount. The best part is that small business owners who sign up for the campaign and get a discount get it to keep the qualifying line for the rest of their lives.

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