T-Mobile is offering a fiber network on the Internet in a limited pilot program


T-Mobile has quietly started selling fiber-based home networking, as suggested T-Mo report and the company has confirmed it Limit. T-Mobile says it will test fiber-optic Internet in certain residential buildings in Manhattan by supplementing its fixed wireless offering. was announced in April. The company will not introduce a completely new fiber network for the pilot; it operates on the fiber lines of the local service provider.

Detail dedicated T-Mobile Fiber site are thin, but it claims that the service offers 940 Mbps upload and download speeds. A Wi-Fi 6 router is included, as well as chat and email support for fiber customers. The T-Mobile representative had no other information to share with us, only that the program is a “very limited pilot” and that additional information would be shared “when and if” it becomes more widely available.

T-Mobile has ambitious plans for the home network. As a company tried to persuade regulators to allow it to buy Sprint in 2019, it claimed to be able to provide a competitive wireless home network connection with the acquired frequency. Following the transaction, T-Mobile launched a pilot program that included 100,000 households by the time it was opened to the general public. During a call to investors last week, the company said it was on the right track to reach its target of 500,000 home network customers by the end of this year.

It’s not clear how big a role T-Mobile thinks fibers can play in their Internet home plans, but it certainly looks like water testing is worthwhile.

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