T-Mobile says that unauthorized access to its data has been obtained, it is not clear whether the customer data


After the weekend reports that its servers have been compromised, T-Mobile said Monday that unauthorized access to some of its data occurred, but it had not yet decided whether to join the customer data.

“We are confident that the access point has been closed and will continue to conduct a thorough technical review of our situation to identify the nature of the data used illegally in all of our systems,” the company said in a statement. . “This investigation will take some time, but we are working very urgently. Until we have completed this assessment, we will not be able to confirm the number of records reported or the accuracy of other statements made.”

Motherboard reports on Sunday that a message from an underground forum claimed to be selling stolen data from T-Mobile’s servers and that the data vendor said it contained social security numbers, names, addresses and driver’s license information for more than 100 million people.

T-Mobile said Monday that it is investigating the allegations, “conducting an extensive analysis with digital forensic experts to understand the validity of these allegations, and we will coordinate with law enforcement.” The statement added that T-Mobile will communicate with customers when the company has a clearer idea of ​​what happened.

T-Mobile has been the subject of several breaches in recent years, last in December 2020. During the incident, information and phone numbers related to some customers ’calls may have been exposed, but the company said at the time that it did not contain sensitive information such as names or social security numbers.

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