T-Mobile will replace the free Galaxy A32 with the Nord N200 in the ‘5G for all’ campaign


T-Mobile will replace the free Galaxy A32 with the Nord N200 in the ‘5G for all’ campaign

In April, T-Mobile announced the latest transfer of its carrier in the form of “5G for everyone” campaign it essentially offered a free 5G smartphone to both new and existing customers when they were trading on any mobile phone or adding a new line.

The free device on offer has been so far Samsung Galaxy A32 5G. However, the new report claims to be replaced by a newer smartphone from a competing brand – OnePlus.

The OnePlus Nord N200 is now T-Mobile’s free 5G phone

T-Mo report arguments (through XDA) that the Magenta operator has begun to inform employees of plans to remove Galaxy A32 5G from the “5G for everyone” campaign. June 24 is the last day to which it is entitled. As of June 25, the only smartphone available for free through the 5G for All campaign is OnePlus Nord N200 5G, which was announced last week as a popular successor Nord N100.

It retails for $ 239 before the promotion – except for the $ 282 Galaxy A32 5G – but can be purchased for free after a 24-month billing credit. The catch is that you still have to replace the undamaged phone or add a new line.

T-Mobile announced last week that it would offering the Nord N200 5G for free for new and existing customers. But what it didn’t reveal at the time was its plans to remove the Galaxy A32 5G from the campaign.

Today’s report doesn’t reveal a reason for an unexpected exchange, but perhaps it has something to do with the stock. The Galaxy A32 5G has already been ordered in August on Samsung’s website, while the Nord N200 5G should be widely available.

As noted above, the Nord N200 5G is also significantly cheaper than a replacement phone, which means T-Mobile doesn’t have to offer that much money in bills to new and returning customers.

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