Take a look at this PS5 stock price overrun – how not to overpay for a Sony console


Update: We haven’t seen the PS5 in stock on Tuesday, May 11th, but we’re still tracking the Sony console online and you should avoid this discount below.

this is No The PS5 stock you’ve been waiting for today. Although Sears is a legal store in the United States and we make We highly recommend PlayStation 5 packages through Antonline and GameStop (which are often easier to get than the console itself), we can’t recommend the PS5 at this price, even if you’re desperate for a Sony console.

PS5 storage

(Image credit: Sears)

At $ 1149.99 for PS5, it goes into an absolute scam zone by throwing in the latest generation of the game – not even the PS5 version – and very cheap accessories for a dramatic rise in price. Let’s take a look at what’s inside this Sears PS5 package and how much it should really cost.

We’ve seen some individual retailers have priced the PS5 higher, but we found the fraud here amazing once we’ve done the math.


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