TCL’s new child-friendly smart watch has a big screen, big battery, reasonable price and 4G LTE


TCL's new child-friendly smart watch has a big screen, big battery, reasonable price and 4G LTE

Instead of (hopelessly) introducing Apple with some universal-looking smart watch designed to attract the masses without a real chance to splash, TCL is unveiling today a much more interesting niche-wearable device.

As the name suggests, Movetime family watch 2 follows in the footsteps of another product that was never meant to give the world a whole the best smart watches running for their money in terms of processing power, screen resolution, health monitoring, or applications, for example.
“Building on success” and improving many of the features of its predecessor, the second-generation TCL Movetime Family Watch has a simple and important goal. Well, technically the two, but they’re apparently connected and keep the kids entertaining and decent and offer parents complete peace of mind.

The latter task is accomplished with a powerful real-time geolocation tool that allows you to (non-invasively) track the location of the actual user of Family Watch 2, always with a special application as well as the geofencing feature of the safety zone. an automatic alarm on your phone if your children leave a certain area.

If this doesn’t sound particularly fun, you also need to know that the “dedicated Kids UI” sits behind an unusually large (by kids ’smartwatch standards) 1.54-inch screen, allowing little ones to customize their home screen with colorful wallpapers”

Perhaps more importantly, the TCL Movetime Family Watch 2 also includes a built-in 4G LTE connection for silky smooth sound, and yes, even video calling, the latter feature allows for an “enhanced” camera that can of course be used for taking photos.

But wait, there’s more. Add upgrades to the OG Family Watch in the form of “40 percent higher” battery capacity, meaning more ways to make sure your child is always safe, or at least able to immediately call for help in dangerous situations with one – tap the SOS call button.

Overall, this bad boy sounds considerably full of features like the T-Mobile exclusive Timex FamilyConnect or Verizonin GizmoWatch 2, but unfortunately there are no words yet about the official availability in the United States.

The bright side is that TCL Movetime Family Watch 2 will be released in mid-August 2021 “across Europe” at a fairly reasonable starting price of € 149 (mobile features as standard).

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