Techland announced the start of the Dying Light 2 Stay Human competitions


Techland has today announced the launch of several Dying Light 2 Stay human competitions that offer participants a chance to win a variety of prizes, including cash prizes, in a limited number Dying Light 2 Collector’s Edition and more. These competitions allow players to show their creativity with short stories, works of art and even cosplay.


The competition categories are:

  • Writing – Let your imagination run wild with Novell, who is inspired by the lives of city dwellers. or even former residents.
  • Fan Art – Create a work of art that shows the ruins of civilization and ‘Create a piece of visual art that comes to life in UV light!’.
  • Cosplay – If cosplay is your thing, this is for you. become Dying light 2 a character full of post-apocalyptic outfits and an immediate weapon of scrap.

There is a wide range of prizes on offer, including unique collectibles, cash prizes up to $ 2,500, the opportunity to perform in the art Dying Light 2 Stay human, plus each finalist wins Dying Light: Platinum Edition, which includes all major DLCs and content packages.


Announcements for all three races will be open until December 7, and Techland will select all winners and fans.

For more information on shipping location, rules, etc., visit here. In the meantime, practice the evil ass zombies Rust of dying light The crossover event begins on June 18th.

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