Telegram’s group video calls can now have up to 1,000 viewers


The Telegram has announced the latest new features and improvements its way to a popular messaging app. Video is the focus this time. After started group video calls last month, these sessions can now gather up to 1,000 viewers. The maximum number of people who can participate and send a video call is still 30, but you can get quite a audience now from “everything from online lectures to live battles,” according to the company.

Video messages now also come in higher resolution, and you can tap them to get a larger image of the clip. When you record your own video messages, Telegram says that the sound on your device will resume now as you do so, “so you can now sing along to your favorite songs or reply without interrupting your podcast.” You can now also zoom in when recording with the back camera of your phone.

Other additions include screen sharing for personal video calls (voice from the sender’s device), the ability to automatically delete messages after a month — the longest option was earlier in the week – and a more detailed drawing. Telegram has also enhanced the user experience with animations on the password screen and when sending messages on Android; iOS users already received these message animations in the previous update. For a complete list of changes, go to Telegram blog.

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