Ten controversial films and drama around them


EJ Moreno looks at ten controversial films and dramas around them …

What makes a film controversial? Is it the hustle and bustle around the movie or what’s really going on while it’s running? For this list, I will look at some of the saddest films of all time and find out what was the basis of the discussions. Don’t expect anything like that Texas chainsaw carnage or Human centipede here – the films shown here are all in support of serious controversy [note – if you’d prefer to watch the video version of this article, scroll to the bottom!]

Birth of a Nation (1915) – extreme racism

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One of the first key features released in the United States, The birth of the nation is as problematic as the problematic can get. DW Griffiths ’film rose from the black surface to portraying the Clan as a group of heroes in the moment as soon as it was released. The director even made a follow-up in which he dealt with disputes, but made it clear that it was not an apology to anyone injured. Thanks to all the drama surrounding this, even in 1915, it led to ticket revenue statistics still affecting the film, estimated to generate $ 50-100 million.

Victory of Will (1934) – Nazi Propaganda


The career of filmmaker and Nazi-sympathetic Leni Riefenstahl never returned after making I want victory. No one can deny the power of his films, which many claim to be “the most effective propaganda films of all time.” But putting yourself among one of the most disgusting people in the world is a sure way to get everyone angry with you. Although Riefenstahl used filmmaking techniques that would be recommended later, no major film could save this film from being one of the most controversial of all time.

Southern Song (1946) – A Description of Disney’s Slavery

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Southern song is one of the few truly controversial movies in Disney. Yes, they have made some films with a dated vision or unknown characters, but none on the scale of this 1946 musical. At the time of publication, many objected to how they treated Uncle Remus ’character and how they portrayed life on a plantation as ideal. The movie is almost impossible to find now and is banned from Disney + Live. Drama around Southern song continues as Disney removes one of its most recent connections to it as they plan an iconic theme park tour of Splash Mountain.

Deep Throat (1972) – brought pornography to the mainstream

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Never before has the world of pornography been greater than the original release Deep throat. The Linda Lovelace-directed film was a huge success, known as one of the first adult films to have a plot and production value. It moved into the mainstream and exposed the industry like never before. Everyone from Martin Scorsges to Spiro Agnew admitted to seeing it during their initial run, making it one of the most popular movies on the list. Unfortunately, the film received additional controversy in retrospect as the star of the film went on to say that he was sexually assaulted during the making of the film.

The Face of Death (1978) – Showed Real Violence and Gore

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The face of death and its sequel is one of the most disgusting films for celluloid. The original film of 1978 gave rise to a series of copy-cats and follow-ups, all of which tried to raise money for the shocking nature of the pseudo-documentary. Known for showing extreme violence against humans and animals, and most of the videos for this trolling-style feature are fake. However, the film allegedly has a real death taken from old news material. The film and its creators, who were considered “banned in more than 40 countries,” seemed to enjoy all their drama.

Cannibal Holocausts (1980) – Snuff Film Arguments


It’s pretty common for someone to investigate a movie on this list, but none of the movies here saw its director arrested and charged with murdering his actor. It happened The Kannibal HolocaustRuggero Deodato when he was arrested shortly after his premiere on charges of obscenity. They soon turned into several murders when rumors told him that the crew of his model was indeed killed. Fortunately, people were not harmed (although the animals were not so lucky), but the film’s legacy still lives on to this day. A subtype of found footage would not be here today without this song.

Guinea Pig: The Flower of Meat and Blood (1985) – FBI Investigation

guinea pig series

Much like the one mentioned earlier The Kannibal Holocaust, another film in Japan Guinea pig the series is known for its criminal investigations and more bans than you can imagine. The violence against women in the film shocked many viewers, leading to the film being pulled from the home video release. Nor did it help that it was alleged to have inspired a Japanese serial killer after he saw what happened in the film. That’s not all, because American actor Charlie Sheen once saw the film and turned it into the FBI when he believed it was a real snuff film. Now it’s a controversy you couldn’t pay these days.

Children (1995) – a discussion on HIV and drug use among minors


Director Larry Clark and author Harmony Korine are known for their shocking films, which usually depict sex and drugs in an incredibly honest case. No one has so much controversy around it, even their 1995 film Children. The film follows a group of young children in New York as they move through the streets and about their sexuality. From the film’s alleged real drug use all the way to young actors portrayed in compromise situations, it’s enough that some viewers feel uncomfortable. Oh, and you can’t forget that HIV / AIDS is the plot in a movie that involves 12-year-olds.

Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004) – The conspiracies of 11 September


Many modern documentary organs lacked power and influence Fahrenheit 9/11. The Michael Moore-directed work came three years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and offered a whole new perspective on tragedy. Moore did not hate President George Bush at the time, nor did he withhold anything from this Palmus d’Or-winning document. This film helped turn a lot of their heads and started getting people to question everything they had been told, even though it wasn’t always happy. It’s rare to see an Oscar straightforward “boo” someone on show, but Moore wasn’t well received by even the “most liberal” group.

Interview (2014) – led to the infamous Sony Hack


Comedy, like 2014 Interview wouldn’t usually get that much flack. Of course, some wouldn’t love the politically erroneous jokes that are usually found in Seth Rogen, but one such comedy usually doesn’t cause a direct global event. Interview went all-in as leader of North Korea, which led to a lot of counterattack in the states and even more so in the Asian country. The release of this film allegedly led to the hacking of Sony Pictures in 2014, when the Guardians of Peace team spilled private emails from Sony staff. Yes, low-forehead comedy really became a global hacking event.

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